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XiangHe Series PE Funds

XiangHe Series PE funds focus on private enterprises with intrinsic value and competitiveness. Through improving internal structure, streamlining financial management, recruiting elite talents, and optimizing resource integration, YONGHUA enables mid-level companies to reach IPO and achieve optimal value.

The PE team is one of the core teams at YONGHUA, combining increased access to global resources with abundant investment experience within China. Over the past 20 years, the PE team has built trust across different industries.







Venture Capital Funds in Professional Field

The VC team at YONGHUA is a market leader in Chinese venture capital, with technical expertise in TMT(technology, media, telecom), medical and healthcare as well as thenew material development sectors. In addition, the vast experience with internal operation and investment management allows for remarkable investment performance and client trust.


TMT fund


Healthcare fund


New Material fund

New Material VC Fund

The team of new material VC fund has a number of senior investment managers with the engineering background. After years of layout and hard work in the field of new materials, combined with the direction of high-end manufacturing transformation and upgrading, the team of new materials VC fund seeks the best investment opportunities

Industry M&A Funds

Taking advantage of YONGJIN platform, YONGHUA makes full use of primary market and secondary market resources to improve companies’ value. Under the core principles of Industry M&A, YONGHUA integrates enterprise performance with individualized capital restructuring strategy for immediate value added. Consequently, YONGHUA provides enterprises across targeted sectors with comprehensive financial services, including the market research and consultation, integration strategy, target selection, transaction and deal structuring, client support services, liquidity support, bridge loan service, and sales release.

Overseas Specialized Funds and Incubators

China-British Science and Innovation Fund

The China-British Science and Innovation Fund is committed to developing emerging industries within the Sino-British relationship including core technologies research, communication strategies and platforms, talent incubation, and other cross-cultural services. The fund was established by the specialists of The Thousand Talents Plan who were graduated from the University of Cambridge.

China-Germany Industry Fund

The China-Germany Industry Fund is managed by the professors of the Thousand Talents Plan and focuses on German specific programs such as new energy development, industry 4.0, early stage TMT, and biomedical innovation.

North America Medical fund

YONGHUA North America Capital Limited, the North American branch office of YONGHUA, invests primarily in early-stage medical field innovation and domestic resources trade.

The Dollar Fund

The Dollar Fund invests in high quality medical programs in North America. Through introducing advanced foreign products and technologies, YONGHUA facilitates the entrance of foreign firms into Chinese markets. Currently, the Dollar Fund has completed the investment procedure in California, South Houston, and several cities along the East Coast (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.) These distinct regions are regarded as global leaders in biomedical innovation. Moreover, the Dollar Fund has invested in two medical research and development bases located in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.