YONGHUA—— the leader in China's private equity investment field
Focus on the most competitive enterprises

YONGHUA is a specialized investment company under YONGJIN Group, focusing on Private Equality investment and Fund management. YONGHUA was created from its predecessor Direct Investment Department, another subsidiary of YONGJIN Group. In the past 20 years, YONGHUA has focused on private equity investment, broadening the scope of venture capital investment, industry mergers and acquisition investment, and overseas professional investment and incubation. These strategies have yielded great success and pioneered YONGHUA's reputation as an industry leader. Since its founding,YONGHUA has adhered to a shared ethos to invest in promising Chinese companies to achieve optimal returns and satisfaction on behalf of YONGHUA's clients.

Now, YONGHUA has invested a large number of companies who have successfully reached IPO in the Chinese Stock Market (A - Shares).In the PE field, YONGHUA leads the industry in average return on investment.YONGHUA demonstrates seasoned experience and advantaged market insight in investment service, industrial research, capital management service throughout the IPO process. YONGHUA utilizes strong international resources to yield outstanding investment performance.

Abundant investment experience

YONGHUA is deeply engaged across various industries including: high-tech equipment and advanced manufacturing, new energy and new materials, IT and communication technology, medical and healthcare, energy efficiency and environment protection, culture and athletics, consumer products and others. YONGHUA constantly seeks companies and organizations with promising investment value and growth characteristics. Alongside expanding global markets, YONGHUA specializes in investment in the new material, artificial intelligence and healthcare sectors. The team has invested in many international projects across the world.

high-tech equipment and advanced manufacturing new energy and new materials IT and communication technology medical and healthcare energy efficiency and environment protection culture and athletics consumer products others
Competitive and Professional Teams

The teams of YONGHUA are composed of more than 50 domestic senior managers and well-known elites on the international stage of equity investment. Together, they combine global resources with efficient operation management and rapid decision making. So far, YONGHUA has expanded its business into many major cities in China including: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Nanjing

With more than 20 years investment experience, YONGHUA improves hundreds of underperforming enterprises

20 + years
Business history
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Investment in the outstanding enterprises
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Investment enterprises successfully listed
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YONGHUA specializes in private equity investment, with specific emphasis on targeting and enhancing the value of Chinese enterprises.

YONGHUA forges long-term partnerships to foster wealth and share success.